Tree of Life Yoga Studio



Hatha Yoga is the foundation of which all modern yoga was built. When we define Hatha Yoga we think of ha (sun) tha (moon) which brings us a practice that focuses on balancing our entire being. In this 75 minute all levels class, accessible yoga postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Breathing techniques and meditation are used throughout.


This is a fast paced flow class that will get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles. We will use the sun salutations and that feeling of repetition to move through a variety of poses while we focus on the flow of our breath.

Slow Flow

During this class we take our time warming up the mind, breath and physical body using techniques like meditation and pranayama. Focusing on the breath guiding us, we flow through Vinyasa like sequences at a slow and accessible pace for everyone. We hold certain postures longer than the usual vinyasa class in order to fully enjoy each moment.


This gentle practice is suitable for all levels of experience. Remaining seated or laying down for the entirety of our time together we are able to activate our parasympathetic nervous system and move from the typical fight or flight mode into rest and digest. Each class is designed to move the body through postures that link the body with breath, release tension, increase flexibility, and cultivate a calm presence.


This is a form of gentle yoga that focuses on the connective tissues of your lower body, specifically the hips. By holding these postures for several minutes, the nervous system is able to fully relax as well as the muscles so students begin to still the outer and inner self.


Mae Daniels

Mae is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher who is very passionate about helping others. She originally started her yoga practice in a quest to seek physical health and ended up finding much more. Mae loves to offer a gentle, meditative and breath focused practice that leaves you feeling all the good vibes and hopes that you will walk out of her class with a sense of relief and joy.

RYT 500

Shannon Carney

Shannon brings her 200 Hour Yoga Alliance certification from Milwaukee, WI. For over 15 years her mission has been teaching individuals how to live better. She combines the five pillars of human movement with the eight limbs of yoga to create a perfectly balanced workout. The body is made for movement and Shannon's instruction keeps the memory and ability alive and active. Her practices have a clear purpose, and each one begins with the doorway to the body- the breath.

RYT 200, Master Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist

Jodi Rose Gonzalez

Jodi is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher, credientialed art therapist, creator of the YogaDoodles®, and author of Drawn to Yoga: How to Combine Creativity and Yoga for a Deeper Connection to Your True Self. Her passion for teaching extends from her own transformational experiences of the practice. With a lighthearted style, Jodi’s classes offer clear instruction, a focus on safety and alignment, and a supportive environment in which students are encouraged to cultivate resiliency and self-acceptance.


Beth Coleman

Beth felt the profound physical and mental effects of yoga in the first class she ever took in 1985, and has studied various forms of yoga ever since. During her 9 years of teaching, she has cultivated that same intent: to bring yoga’s life-changing gifts to her classes and students. Her restorative practices--with their attention to body, breath, and mindful meditations—are designed to bring ease and well-being to yogis of all ages and stages.

RYT 200, Reiki Levels I, II & III

Corra Orrick

Yoga has found a way to be in my life since the first time I practiced. I continue to practice to help me through the ups and downs in life. My practice is a time to lay down all the chaos of the outside world and become one with myself and my mat. Practicing yoga is a great way to set aside all the stress and anxiety of our busy lives. My goal in teaching is to share the benefits of yoga with others. I hope to encourage each person as they flow through their own journey.

RYT 200